Setting up in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong provides a range of opportunities for Danish or Danish related companies doing business locally or in the region.


Select a corporate (company) 


The most common forms of corporate structures to carry on business in Hong Kong are a limited company, branch offices of parent company or representative office.

Company Incorporation

A company can be incorporated in Hong Kong with a capital fee of HK$1. Every company must have at least one registered shareholder. when you set up a local limited company, at least one director and one company secretary are required. There is no requirement for Hong Kong residents to be shareholders and the director can be the company’s sole shareholder. The company secretary, either an individual or corporate, must reside in Hong Kong.

Business registration

A business registration application is required within one month of business commencement. The business registration certificate is issued by the Inland Revenue Department and is processed in 30 minutes over the counter or in two days by post.

Opening a bank account

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, oBefore applying to open a company bank account, you must complete the registration and incorporation of the company. The process and documents required depends on the bank choosen and the type of company. Banks normally require a minimum deposit of HK$2000.r connect data from your collection.

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